Welcome to Mustek’s fifth integrated annual report, in which we share the collective thinking behind our strategy for creating long-term value. Throughout the report we address the Group’s challenges, our opportunities and the external factors that impact our operational performance and forward-looking strategy.

This integrated annual report is aligned with the requirements of the King Code of Governance Principles for SA (King III Code), the International Integrated Reporting Framework ( Framework) and complies with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines (G4) core application level. More details regarding the report’s basis of preparation and presentation are provided on page 80.

This report was approved by the Board on 23 October 2015. The Mustek Limited Board of directors (the Board) acknowledges its responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of this 2015 Integrated Annual Report. The Board has applied its collective expertise to this report and, in its opinion, this report addresses all material issues and presents an integrated and accurate view of Mustek’s performance in the year under review.

Read the full Mustek 2015 Integrated Annual Report here.

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