Google’s Project Loon is an admirable one, if a tab out-of-the-box for a massive company. The idea behind Project Loon is that Google will use balloons to provide wireless internet access to places that don’t have the infrastructure to support a connection otherwise. But the testing isn’t going completely swimmingly.

One of the testing areas for the project is New Zealand and, according to a Wall Street Journal report, Google recently had a little trouble in that area. One of the Project Loon balloons crashed on the east coast of the country’s South Island, which normally wouldn’t be much cause for alarm. It’s a balloon, after all.

However, the balloon was mistaken – as it was coming down – for a crashing aircraft, which prompted emergency services to investigate the crash site. The balloon went down over the ocean and, later, a rescue helicopter was dispatched to site.

Still, it wasn’t cause for too much alarm and it looks as though Google’s testing will be continuing on schedule.

Source: WSJ via The Verge

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