The world of motion tracking is one that several companies have set their sights on as a control interface. Samsung has made a few attempts in that direction, though they’re more concerned with VR for now, and Microsoft has taken a crack with the Kinect camera system. And now it’s Fujitsu’s turn.

The company has announced a motion tracking ring that is supposed to be sensitive enough to make out individual letters drawn in the air by the one wearing the (bulky-looking) tracking hardware. Whether it will actually be used that way is unknown but Fujitsu claims to have a control method that will only track relevant gestures.

They might market this to companies rather than individual users but there’s also a chance that it could find applications in the emerging field of virtual reality. Some accurate hand-tracking would certainly come in handy. Sorry.

For the moment though, the little tracking ring is just a prototype but the company hopes to have an actual test going some time this year. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Fujitsu

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