Fujitsu is a company that you don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about, unless you happen to work with their products specifically. Their gear is top-shelf, but it’s not as in-your-face as other companies’ offerings are. But they’re up to some impressive work.

Work like the little bitty loop heat pipe which could open the door for water-cooling of smaller devices, like smartphones.

You see, Fujitsu have come up with a heat loop pipe that is less than 1mm thick, allowing it to be used in much smaller electronics than were previously possible.

The development is in response to an issue that we don’t give thought to: Mobile devices overheating more as they get more advanced. Eventually they’ll start to melt their own casings, as current cooling methods hit a brick wall.

But with Fujitsu’s water-cooling solution, which uses a closed loop and an unspecified liquid inside the pipe, manufacturers would be able to more effectively transfer heat away from problem areas, allowing for even more beefy mobile processors in future. Awesome.

Hit the link below for more detail on the work from the company. They’re looking at 2017 as a practical usage date at present.

Source: Fujitsu

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