If there’s one thing we aren’t all that fond of, it has to be printers. Not because we don’t like the printers themselves, it’s just that they’re… reliable. And useful. And boring. Plus, there have been very few remarkable developments in the world of printers of late. Until now, that is.

Epson has come out with a new type of printer. Well, new-ish. There’s a whole new component in there that makes the company’s new Ecotank range quite freaking impressive.

There are five new models incoming, with prices ranging between around R5000 and R15000 if you convert from the American prices (they’re not announced for South Africa yet). And you’re going to want one in your home, because of that whole Ecotank branding.

What the Ecotank is is just that. A tank, which can be refilled from a bottle, and which will keep your printer going for about 20 times the length it normally would. This is a spectacular idea, one that should have come along ages ago. Now, hopefully, other companies will follow suit.

Source: Engadget

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