eBeam is the brand name for portable interactive whiteboard systems and accessories developed by Luidia, Inc. eBeam systems work with computers and digital projectors to transform any standard whiteboard or wall into an interactive display and writing surface.

Luidia’s eBeam hardware and software products allow text, images and video to be projected onto a variety of surfaces, where an interactive stylus or marker can be used to add notes, access control menus, manipulate images and create diagrams and drawings. The presentations, notes and images can be saved and emailed to class or meeting participants, as well as shared in real time on local networks or over the Internet.

The eBeam system’s unique ability to upgrade standard whiteboards and other surfaces into interactive displays is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to many other fixed-size interactive whiteboard products.

eBeam Edge Display Bracket

The most innovative approach to interactivity, now for LCD displays. The eBeam Edge Display Bracket expands the benefits of eBeam Edge and eBeam software by giving schools and businesses, using [...]

eBeam Livewire

Five applications on one device! Livewire provides access to: *eBeam Workspace (Windows) *eBeam Education Suite *eBeam Capture (Mac and Windows) • “Plug and Play” functionality – no drivers [...]

Ebeam Basic (Classic)

Ebeam Basic (Classic) Features and Benefits:   Use your whiteboard for free-flowing lessons with unlimited space Share your lessons with remote students in real time Save virtual whiteboard files [...]

eBeam Engage

Welcome to the next generation of interactivity. With its built-in high fidelity JBL speakers and microphone, one-touch recording, intuitive scroll knob and interactive stylus, eBeam Engage [...]

ebeam Capture

Need to capture whiteboard notes but already have eBeam Edge or eBeam Engage? This add-on will give you the functionality of both projection and whiteboard capture by making your eBeam system [...]

eBeam Edge

With eBeam Edge and a projector, any flat surface can be transformed into an interactive white board space. You can mark up documents, manipulate live content, and turn dull meetings or lessons [...]

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