Samsung has them, as do several other major tech companies, and it looks as though the latest manufacturer to join the smartwatch race will be ASUS. That is, if a teaser image being bandied about on Twitter is any indication.

The image, which can be seen above, states that “Time has been transformed”. This is a fairly obvious indication that the company has something to do with time in mind and, if you’re still having doubts, the product seen in the background could only be a smartwatch watch face. Unless the company has designed on a drastically different form factor for tablets and ph0nes.

The smart money is on an Android Wear device from the company, which is Google’s smartwatch platform already in use by the likes  of LG and Motorola, with Samsung coming on board as well. Details on what sort of hardware ASUS’ watch will carry are sketchy but all will be revealed in Berlin on 3 September.

We’ll keep you posted.

Source: ASUS (Twitter)

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