I’m sitting here, supervising a playdate with the Mecer Xpress Executive Series Windows A801 tablet on my lap. By supervise, I mean I’m trying to bash out a couple of articles while being questioned on unicorns and responding to the ever-present barrage of questions about whether or not we can have popcorn for lunch.

I’m not unique, I know. There are, quite prominently, millions of parents out there who need to be able to work efficiently and effectively while out of the office, especially when they’re sitting on the stands watching the 97th Hockey game for the year.

On questioning fellow parents who also work on the move a lot, like I do, the thing that’s bugged them the most, is that there are too few Windows tablets out there (by the way, the Nextbook is great!), and that the marketplace (and, therefore, advertising) appears to be dominated by the Apple and Android devices. That’s a problem for a large portion of the office workers out there, because seamlessly migrating from your Windows machine to your tablet, when it’s not run on Windows, can be a pain.

Catch the full review by Cath Jenkin on DigiKids (Link)

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