We know that Microsoft has Windows 10 getting ready in the wings and there’s already a Technical Preview out and about for users to mess with. But there’s such a thing as a Consumer Preview, which is a lot more stable and that’s expected… pretty soon, actually.

The Verge reports that Microsoft could be playing host to an event that will cover the Windows 10 Consumer Preview. Whether that will see the release of a most stable, more widespread demo of the upcoming operating system remains to be seen but if the event does take place – as it is expected to in late January 2015 – we’ll certainly know more about what is coming.

Also on the menu for the 2015 event (apparently) is a look at where Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system as well as the Xbox One dashboard is going to be headed. Since they’re supposed to be intertwined with Windows 10, this makes a whole lot of sense. And, now that we think of it, a working interlinked OS would be a very nice thing for Redmond to drop on users at about that time.

We’ll let you know more, as and when we get the info.

Source: The Verge

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