The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is perhaps the most expensive phone to come out of the South Korean company’s stables but, if the reviews are anything to go by, it’s also one of the best. But the cost is bugging a few people so a research firm did a teardown of the Galaxy S6 Edge to find out what the components used inside it cost.

And the results are surprising, though not as surprising as you’d think. Out of the current phones on the market today, the cost of the materials making up the Galaxy S6 Edge is the highest.

The cost of the Galaxy S6 Edge, in terms of components only, comes to around R3,500 in South African currency. That’s not including manufacture and assembly, shipping or any markups that might take place when the phone changes hands from Samsung on its way to the retailer. There’s also licensing and other fees to take into consideration. Samsung’s device, without these costs, works out to be more expensive to create than anything else on the market at the moment (bar those bonkers luxury phones).

The expectation is that Samsung isn’t making quite as much profit on these handsets as you might think. But that’s good for consumers, who will be getting their hands on one impressive smartphone.

Source: Engadget

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