Philips DVT6010

Applications: Lectures / Interviews Key Features Motion sensor for automatic microphone sensitivity adjustment Pre-recording function for never missing a single word MP3 recording for clear [...]

Philips DVT4010

Application: Conversations Precise conversation recording with automatic adjustment of audio settings Different environments require different audio settings for an optimal recording quality. [...]

Philips DVT1150

Applications: Personal Notes Easy notes recording with one-touch recording The VoiceTracer 1150 is the perfect voice recorder for capturing notes, ideas and thoughts on the go. Thanks to PC [...]

Philips DVT8010

Applications: Meetings 360° meeting recording with a light, portable and easy-to-use solution Capture every meeting in excellent, noise-free audio quality. Simply place the 360° meeting [...]

Philips DPM8900

Applications: Conference Briefcase Capture your meetings with 360° recording Let every voice be heard and important ideas remembered. The innovative PocketMemo Meeting Recorder allows you to [...]

Philips DPM6000

Application: Professional First-class recording with outstanding ergonomics The PocketMemo Voice Recorder takes dictation to a new level. Two microphones deliver superior audio quality for your [...]

Philips BDL4988XC

OPS slot. Embed a full-power PC. No cabling required   Integrate a full-power PC or Android-powered CRD50 module directly into your Philips Professional Display. The OPS slot contains all [...]

Philips 65BDL4050D/00

Inform. Effortlessly Smart, powerful 24/7 display. Make it clear with a powerful D-Line professional FHD display. This responsive solution offers brilliant picture quality, simple control, and [...]

Philips 65BDL3000Q/00

Intensify your signage experience with priceless performance CMND: Take control of your displays A robust display management platform, CMND puts the power back into your hands. Update and manage [...]

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