Z-6070 Hands-Free Barcode Scanner Hands-Free Dual-Laser Omnidirectional Scanner featuring the world's first dual-laser technology, the Z-6070 utilizes two laser diodes that effectively [...]


Designed for optimal reading performance, the compact Z-3250 offers wide scanning range and wireless communication technology for easy handling of any applications. Z-3250 includes a 32-bit CPU [...]


The Z-8072 Plus provides great features with enhanced performance. The powerful 2D Scanner and the compact size allow users to aim intuitively with accuracy even if space is limited. Furthermore, [...]


Z-3190BT has wireless connection ability at up to 100M work range. It can communicate to devices like laptops and barcode printers, eliminating hazardous cables and providing walk-around freedom. [...]


Embedded with ZEBEX advanced decoding technology, it can recognize popular 1D barcodes with superior scanning performance. Built with rugged, gun-type design, the Z-3190U has a highly reliable [...]


The Z-3151HS is a high class handheld single-line laser scanner with a powerful scan engine. It utilized the omnidirectional technology to transform seven laser lines into one and performs a [...]


This handheld laser scanner Z-3101 is designed with a rugged finish by elastic rubber protection and a durable big size trigger for an easy operation even for the heaviest usage. It is embedded [...]

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