Group Profile

Founded by David Kan in 1987, the Mustek Limited Group was listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange in 1997, and currently comprises the active operations of Mustek and Rectron. This Profile deals exclusively with Mustek, currently the largest assembler and supplier of personal computers in South Africa.


Mustek aims to be South Africa’s ICT Supplier of Choice, something it constantly strives for through an approachable, “can do’ attitude when assisting its resellers with product specification and solution formulation, as well as superior technical expertise, evidenced by the high level of technical support and assistance afforded to its resellers.

Mission Statement

Mustek combines the best of local assembly capabilities with the multinational product portfolio by affording its customers a choice of the renowned Mecer brand of computing equipment and a broad range of top-tier ICT brands which address every level of the technology stack.

This strategy enables Mustek to offer its customers a perfect match for their technology needs, whether driven by configuration and customisation requirements (as is the case with the Mecer brand), or through tried and trusted best industry practices and competitive pricing (as is the case with the multinational brands which Mustek distributes).

Mustek’s position in the South African market has been built on an unwaivering commitment to customer satisfaction, the development of some of the most sought-after relationships in the international ICT market, adherence to the most stringent international quality standards and benchmarks, and a staffing policy that sees it retaining staff that are trained and accredited to the highest possible level.

All of this culminates in Mustek being one of the easiest and most professional distributors for South African resellers to do business with.

Core Values

Mustek’s company values are underpinned by its Service Excellence principles:

Knowledge and attitude

Mustek takes pride in its people, its company, its products andservices, and its customers. Mustek acts

professionally at all times and is proactive and passionate about what it does and how it builds the  company. Mustekinvests in the development of its staff to increase its knowledge base and ensure  that it supplies its customerswith the best technical service. Mustek ensures that all

of its technical staff members are accredited in their fields.


In a constantly changing IT landscape, Mustek believes that business flexibility is vital to success. At  Mustek, we have a ‘cando’ attitude that gives us the ability to make whatever operationalor product  changes are necessary to respond effectively to trends or opportunities. This culture of flexibility allows  Mustek toquickly on-board products or re-jig the assembly line to offer newlines or quickly meet  customers’ changing requirements. Mustek’s staff are both able and eager to seek innovative solutions to  newchallenges.


Mustek strives for efficiency, since this enables the company to domore with less, and in so doing ensure  quick response times for itscustomers, whether these are stock turnaround times or the timetaken to  repair or replace a piece of hardware.

Responsibility and accountability

Mustek believes in integrity, employment equity, care for theenvironment, respect and human dignity for all. We reward performance and share responsibility at all levels.

Mustek Group Financial Overview F/Y June 2020(‘000S):

  • Revenue: R6,397B
  • Operating Profit: R247M
  • Total Assets: R3,627B


In its broadest sense, transformation is a central and strategic priority at Mustek, and Mustek is committed to empowerment and transformation across all divisions and all levels. The skills development and training programmes continue to make good progress and achieve success; these will ensure continuity and high-quality future leaders and will greatly assist in meeting future skills requirements.

Mustek is regularly audited by an external recognised BBBEE rating company and adheres to the latest Codes of Good Practice as set out by the Department of Trade and Industry. Mustek currently has a Level 1 BBBEE Rating.


Mustek’s management and personnel are committed to providing computer-related equipment and services of the highest quality and technological standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

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