Designed for Heavy Loads

A range of cabinets capable of carrying loads in excess of 1 000kg’s

With the advent of complex and bulkier servers we found it necessary to manufacture a range of cabinets capable of carrying loads in excess of 1000 kg’s. Our designers created a professional looking cabinet that comes standard with: Knock down heavy duty structure (able to pass through doorways).
The units come with castors and adjustable feet as standard. This is a great feature that allows one person to easily roll units weighing in excess of a metric ton into place before being jacked up and levelled with the adjustable feet.
The castors are specifically designed and manufactured for us and are of top quality. They include high precision ball bearings, heavy duty metal pressing & hard wearing rubber which is suitable for server room flooring.

10Castors and adjustable feet are standard

1 Loading Capacity 1200 kg’s
2 Materials High-quality cold rolled steel
3 Thickness High-quality cold rolled steel
Mounting profiles:
Standard: 2mm mild steel
Optional on request: 2mm 304 stainless steel
Cabinet: 1.6mm powder coated steel
Panels: 1.2 powder coated steel
4 Cooling Fan Two/Four optional 120mm AC cooling fans
5 Side panels Removable
6 Doors Hexagonal mesh front door
(option of glass) and Hexagonal mesh double rear doors
7 Colour Black RAL9004
White RAL7035
Grey RAL7032
8 Surface Finish Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphating, 7 Tank Dip System Powder Coating
9 Cable entry glands provided top & bottom
10 Castors and adjustable feet are standard


Get the most out of your server room storage with our server rack and accessories.
Our range offers a stable and durable platform for your valuable network and AV equipment.

We can help you:

  • Neatly store and secure equipment Ensure easy access and monitoring
  • Manage cooling and airflow issues
  • Manage cable issues to reduce clutter
  • Fit your equipment properly in its space with different size and mounting options

600mm Wide (19")


800mm Wide (19")


All our Indoor and Outdoor cabinets are all ROHS compliant, ISO 9001 Certified and locally manufactured in South Africa.

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