ASUS is about to get its head in the fitness game, with the reveal of their upcoming Vivowatch wearable device set to take place a bit later this week at the Milan Design Week that’s happening… er… this week.

They’ve already got a wearable, the ZenWatch, on the market but the Vivowatch is set to be something a bit different. For starters, it’s supposedly going to feature a 10-day battery life, which is a huge deal in the fitness wearables world. It’s an even bigger deal when you realise that the Vivowatch will boast a lot more features than just fitness functions.

Those features have yet to be fully detailed, that’s going to have to wait until the official reveal, but the Vivowatch will be shipping with the company’s own operating system rather than Android Wear – apparently. It’s also going to be a water-resistant, stainless steel affair, so it’s not going to look like a fitness or smart wearable. Both of those are good things.

We’ll keep you posted with further updates on ASUS’ new hardware.

Source: Engadget

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