Okay, so we’re moving to Brazil. Or landing there long enough to pick up the special edition Zenfone 2 that ASUS has released there, called the ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition.

What’s so special about it? The 256GB of storage would be a good place to start. ASUS have given their Zenfone 2 a huge capacity for South America, perhaps being the first company to go that far with their smartphones – so expect other companies to follow suit with the next rollout of devices.

Otherwise, the device comes with two Ergonomic Arc backplates, in Drift Silver and Carbon Night (both of which have different textured finishes). Asphalt 8, a mobile racing game, comes pre-loaded as does enough credit to make a few purchases within the game.

The other specs for the Zenphone 2 are the same as the rest of the world but we’d still be keen to get our hands on this edition. It launches in Brazil in September and the possibility that it will appear elsewhere hasn’t been ruled out yet. Here’s hoping…

Source: Digital Trends

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