Graphics card maker Nvidia has launched their new GeForce GTX 960M GPU setup so, of course, several companies have announced that they’re going to be using the mobile graphics hardware in their gaming notebooks.

One of these notebooks, care of ASUS, is the G501 – a member of the company’s premium gaming notebook lineup. According to ASUS, the GTX 960M offers users “…discrete graphics with Optimus Technology that automatically tweaks the GPU for either turned up graphics power or battery-boosting efficiency depending on what you’re doing.”

Essentially you’re getting a full-power gaming setup in a machine that weighs just over 2kg. And though it’s packing Nvidia’s latest and greatest, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the specs are lagging behind.

Also inside the G501 are an Intel Core i7, 4GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD speeding things along. But wait, there’s more!

ASUS is also relaunching their G551 machine with the GTX 960M, while the G751JL will be packing NVidia’s GTX 965M GPU. Now we’re just waiting for that tasty new gaming hardware to land this side of the world.

Source: ASUS

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