Have you heard about Acer’s Predator 8 tablet yet? If you haven’t then you should fix that because the earlier opinions about the company’s gaming slate are in and they’re… largely positive.

Part of that is thanks to the look of the thing, which is very gaming-centric. The four prominent speakers, the angular design and the chamfered rear all scream ‘gaming’.

But most of it is the specs, of which the 2GB of RAM and the Intel Atom X7-Z8700 are the headliners. Initial reports are that the specs allocation can be a little hit and miss, with heat being a possible issue. There are also reports that Acer’s hardware setup can be a little wonky, though this is something that you’d expect from pre-production hardware.

For the moment though, it’s looking very positive. Hit the link below for a better look at the Predator 8.

Source: Digital Trends

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