You have to know that this week is going to be all about Microsoft and Windows 10. As if the prove that, everyone is talking about the newest devices to arrive bearing Redmond’s latest operating system. Even the likes of Acer have announced their revised list of global devices that will soon sport Windows 10 as standard.

First on the list will be Acer’s E Series of notebooks, which will be available in several places from today onwards – though Acer Taiwan hasn’t given specific locations so it’s possible that SA might have to catch up. But the E Series, while the first of Acer’s ranges to get Windows 10, won’t be alone for long.

Also slated for Window 10 support are the convertible range, the R11 and R13 machines specifically, the Switch 10 E, the company’s Z3 AIO and then there’s their Cloudbook range which will also be getting Windows 10 soon. It’s a good time to grab a notebook upgrade, it seems.

Some of Acer’s Windows Phone smartphones will also be getting upgrades to Windows 10 Mobile later this year, when the OS launches.

Source: UberGizmo

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