Acer has announced, according to a report by website PCWorld, that the company will be entering into a partnership that will see them releasing telecommunications equipment powered in part by their cloud computing solutions.

The report says that Acer will be teaming up with Octon, a company based in Taipei that makes a telecoms solution called abPBX plus, to release a solution to enterprise. The products will be marketed as a way to save time and money for companies by providing a way to make calls, conduct instant messaging or video conferences.

PCWorld says that Acer and Octon will be “…develop[ing] Internet Protocol and Software Defined Network telecommunication models built over a cloud platform”, attributing the information to Acer co-founder Stan Shih.

As for when we’ll see these products, Acer and Octon will reportedly be bringing the first lot to market early next year. We’ll likely know more about the enterprise-targeted products closer to release.

Source: PCWorld

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