2015 is looking more and more to be the year of 4K screens. Samsung and LG started the ball rolling with various TVs, following up by releasing desktop monitors that feature the insane 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Now everyone else is getting into the act, including Acer.

We’ve seen previously that the company is bringing 4K displays to some of its gaming notebooks, sadly confined to overseas for the moment, but they’re also releasing standard 4K monitors around the world. The latest is the B326HK, a 32-inch screen that will be appearing in the American market.

Did we say appearing? We meant it has already appeared, bringing with it a selection of inputs from DVI to HDMI as well as the ability to charge USB devices that are plugged into the display itself. The B326HK is being aimed towards gamers, who are really the only consumer group large enough to make use of a 4K display with any regularity at the moment, but anyone who is keen will be able to get their hands on one. Provided you live in the States, that is.

And the cost? Right now Americans will have to fork out $1000, which comes to around R11000 in South African terms. Pricey for a standard monitor to be sure but for a 32-inch UHD screen? That’s practically stealing this screen from Acer right there.

Source: Digital Trends

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