Huawei Africa Cloud VP Michael Langeveld has officially announced that Mustek Limited has received approval to become a Huawei Cloud Distributor.

This is in line with Huawei’s intention to expand its cloud service offering locally.

The Huawei Mustek Cloud provides scalable, on-demand computing resources in a strategy that sees information transmission functioning from end to end.

It offers a reliable cloud platform and custom-fit end-to-end solutions so that organisations have everything they need to advance their digital transformation.

With local currency support, Huawei Mustek Cloud customers are also not exposed to fluctuations in exchange rates, avoiding the added impact of financial volatility.

In addition, Huawei’s offerings are around 15% to 25% more cost-effective than its competitors, offering the best prices to make the transition the cloud more affordable.

According to Langeveld, the number of new customers that the company has acquired includes a large percentage of those who are new entrants to the cloud – accelerated by the need to work remotely.

Valuable training

To enhance its offering, Huawei is providing its partners and customers with free cloud training and certifications.

This is vital, because although the digital economy is the next big thing, it is imperative to ensure there are enough skills in the market to help grow the economy as a whole.

Huawei also understands the importance of leveraging technology to transform current businesses and to enable the public sector to deliver new services, and plans to continue its investments in the country – even when competitors are slowing down in this space.

Langeveld reiterated that Huawei Technologies SA continued to do this throughout the lockdown and invested wisely.

What Mustek brings to the table

An advantage which Mustek brings to the equation is the ability to solve customer challenges before expecting them to purchase anything.

Huawei Line of Business Manager at Mustek Donna Mostert said the company always engages with its customers to understand exactly what issues they are trying to solve via the cloud.

“We then embed our own solutions architects with the customer to assist and once clear regarding what needs to be done, the Huawei Cloud makes its platform available to prove that we can solve their problem,” Mostert stated.

Click here to learn more about Huawei solutions available from Mustek.

Images from Mustek and Huawei’s recent 10-year anniversary celebration, where the Huawei Cloud Distributor announcement was made, are shown below.

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