Review: Toshiba L40T-B1360

Yesterday we got to take a squiz at something mid-range from Acer’s lineup, now it’s time for Toshiba to have a crack with some similar specs. Though there’s enough of a difference here to make sure that you know that you’re working with different machines.

Consider the 14-inch display, with its WXGA resolution, that you will find in the Toshiba L40T-B1360. This is actually one of the selling points of this machine, and that’s because Toshiba have opted for a touchscreen panel – that’s something different for them.

There’s an Intel Core i5 4210U making its home inside the Toshiba L40T-B1360, with 8GB of RAM to play with as well as a terabyte of storage. Not too shabby. This is helped along by the inclusion of a graphics card from AMD, a member of the Topaz XT family with 2GB of video memory at your command.

What else do you need? WiFi? Got it (802.11 b/g/n). Bluetooth? Got it. Optical drive? Got that too. As well as ethernet access, a standard keyboard and the pieces that you’d expect from a notebook.

That’d be a webcam, card reader, USB 3.0 support, HDMI out and sound by DTS. And they’ve packed all of this into a package that’s just over 2kg in weight. Not a bad effort from Toshiba.

The Toshiba L40T-B1360 makes use of Windows 8.1 Single License, if the touchscreen inclusion wasn’t a large enough pointer in this direction.

When all’s said and done, the Toshiba L40T-B1360 is a whole lot of notebook put into a not-very-large package. And we’re definitely not complaining.

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