Review: Toshiba HDTD205ES3DA Slim 500GB

Anyone who is anyone knows that you need at least one backup drive at home. And by backup drive we’re actually referring to an external backup capable of being disconnected and stashed somewhere safe in case the worst happens and all of your data goes missing.

Enter the Toshiba HDTD205ES3DA Slim 500GB, a slim portable drive that ships in either black or silver (pictured). These drives are designed to be taken on the road, making it the perfect backup tool of businessmen and women who value space when it comes to packing luggage – especially when that packing happens a whole lot of the time.

Compatible both with a traditional Windows as well as a Mac OSX environment, users will be able to swap between their machines (assuming they have more than one) without any issues. The Toshiba HDTD205ES3DA Slim 500GB comes stocked with automatic backup software as well, so there’s no real need to go hunting for an alternative option.

And backups will happen fast. The Toshiba HDTD205ES3DA Slim 500GB supports USB 3.0, so file transfers to and from this external drive are blisteringly quick. And ideally that’s what you want from a backup drive.

The HDTD205ES3DA Slim 500GB can be password protected and there’s one other feature bundled with this little bit of kit – 10GB of free cloud storage from Toshiba, so you can be doubly sure that your sensitive and valuable data is safe. Even if the near impossible happens and something happens to your backup solution as well.

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