Review: Toshiba C50-C1869

A basic notebook at a basic price, that’s what you’re getting from the Toshiba C50-C1869.

An obvious member of the C50 family, the Toshiba C50-C1869 is the little brother in this little 15.6-inch lineup. That doesn’t make it the least but you do need to be careful. It knows that it’s the youngest of the lot.

It can still hold its own though. The 15.6-inch WXGA display is more than serviceable, while the quad-core Pentium (haven’t heard that name in a while) N3700 processor from Intel is sturdy enough to get your jobs done.

The screen and processor are not alone. Users have 4GB of system memory to look forward to and Toshiba have given this machine a 500GB standard 2.5-inch hard drive for storage. There’s an Intel HD Graphics 4400 inside doing a lot of your visual lifting and the Toshiba C50-C1869 ships standard with Windows 8.1 SL. That might be a bit updates but if you grab one now, there’s still a Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft’s free update program in your future.

The Toshiba C50-C1869 comes standard with a Multi DVD drive, something that is increasingly rare of late. WLAN and Bluetooth are both connectivity features and there’s an Ethernet port for a wired internet connection if need-be.

This is a bundle offer from Mustek as well, so expect something extra. That ‘something’ being an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade to go along with your purchase.

At the end of the day though, it’s still a basic notebook. Just… less basic than you thought at first.

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