Review: Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller + Play & Charge

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a have-to-have these days, if you’re any kind of gamer at all. If you enjoy your media as well, then all the better. But while the company’s console comes with everything needed to get a player up and running, there’s one extra purchase that you absolutely need to make.

That’d be the Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller + Play & Charge setup. But you might be asking “Why do I need this?” And the answer is: Because you’re not going to be gaming solo all of the time, surely?

What you’re getting is the best controller that Microsoft have put together. The design is reminiscent of the original Xbox 360 controller, with enough changes to make it feel unique. But it still has the same hand-fitting configuration that makes it such a joy to use.

The thumbsticks have undergone a redesign, as have the triggers which now feature haptic feedback. Translation: You’ll feel different sensations at different depths and there are different effects when depressing the triggers. The deeper you go, the faster you accelerate, in Forza, for example.

And the second part of this equation? That’s because, as awesome as the Xbox One’s wireless controllers are, they don’t last forever. But your game can, because the Play And Charge kit turns you the controller into a wired setup while you’re playing – so even a flat battery is no impediment to a round of FIFA or Call of Duty.

The Play And Charge addition will get your controller back up to full strength in four hours as well. That’s an average gaming session, to be sure, but that’s also a short space of time when it comes to getting your wireless controller back into the wireless arena.

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