Review: Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Mouse

Today is all about Microsoft so it seemed like a good time to give some of the company’s hardware some love. With Windows 10 on the way in a huge way, you’re going to want the best peripherals you can get to go along with the new OS. Happily, Microsoft is always willing to oblige.

Which is where we get things like the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Mouse. This is the mouse-only portion of their new Designer Bluetooth Desktop –  you know, in case the device you’re using already comes with a decent enough keyboard.

The ambidextrous design of the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Mouse makes it suitable for everybody – something we’re externally grateful for. It’s really hard to locate a mouse made for lefties at times.

But this Bluetooth-enabled peripheral is more than just a wireless wonder, even if it’ll connect to just about anything that you stick in front of it – including a smartphone, if that’s your thing. It works on Windows 8, RT, Mac OS X and Android, as well as most other Bluetooth-enabled devices (as long as they support BT 4.0).

The Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Mouse uses two of those little AAA batteries and Microsoft says that you’ll get about six month’s worth of usage out of them. Not bad, Microsoft, not bad at all. And there’s Redmond’s BlueTrack tech in the laser side of things, making sure that you can use the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Mouse just about anywhere. Aside from mirrors, but we’re sure they’re working on that.

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