Review: Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Desktop

We’re sort of jumping the gun a little here with this new peripheral set from Microsoft, as it’s going to be making its first appearance in South Africa some time in August this year, but we just can’t help ourselves. We constantly fawn over the quality of Microsoft’s mouse and keyboard combos and this time is no different. Hence, the early look at the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Desktop.

Like other Microsoft setups, the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Desktop consists of a mouse and keyboard but it’s the change in design that is the really impressive bit here. Microsoft have opted to make the mouse more streamlined than ever before and the keyboard is about as thin as you can get without typing on the desk itself.

That’s not where it ends though. Microsoft have included Bluetooth 4.0 support for the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Desktop (the hint’s in the name, really), which should see it speeding along while playing nice with Windows 8 or better systems all over the country.

There’s a full set of media centre controls to look forward to and the keyboard, as compact as it is, is still large enough to fit in a full number pad. Translation: It’s ideal for office (whether home or work) use.

The mouse uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack laser technology, so it should be at home on almost any surface – even your leg – and the mouse design has been made ambidextrous. That’s always good news for the lefties out there.

Now you see why we jumped on the Microsoft Wireless Designer Bluetooth Desktop a little early. The down-side now is that we have to wait till August to get our hands on it properly.

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